Retail Loans

We at Arihant Bank are aware that a business frequently needs financial support to expand and prosper. We provide Retail Loans as a part of our extensive commercial banking solutions because of this. Our retail loans are created especially for the special requirements of retail enterprises, and they can be used for working capital, inventory funding, equipment purchases, and shop growth. Arihant Bank provides retail entrepreneurs with the financial resources they need to grow their enterprises to new heights. This commitment is demonstrated by the bank’s flexible payback terms, competitive interest rates, and speedy approval procedure.

SRNO Loan Scheme Loan Category Max Limit ROI – Min ROI – Max
1 Arihant Awas Yojna Retail Loan Upto Rs. 35.00 lacs 7.49% 9.00%
2 Arihant Home Retail Loan Upto Rs. 140.00 lacs 7.99% 10.24%
3 Arihant House Repair Retail Loan Upto Rs. 15.00 lacs 9.74% 14.49%
4 Arihant 2-Wheeler Retail Loan Upto Rs. 5.00 lacs 7.49% 9.99%
5 Arihant 4-Wheeler Retail Loan Upto Rs. 100.00 lacs 7.49% 9.09%
6 Arihant Used Car Retail Loan Upto Rs. 25.00 lacs 8.49% 10.09%
7 Arihant Electric Car Retail Loan Upto Rs. 100.00 lacs 7.49% 9.09%
8 Arihant Comfort Retail Loan Upto Rs. 5.00 lacs 7.99% 13.24%
9 Arihant Education Retail Loan Upto Rs. 50.00 lacs 7.49% 11.99%